Toxic gas analyser


There are many situations where the release of hazardous chemicals in the air may occur; in these cases, population and rescue men are exposed to serious threats. 

GDA is a tool designed to deal with such emergencies: it provides fast detection of toxic volatile compounds and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), thus delivering information on the real risk.

  • GDA First Response, for fire workers departments.

  • GDA Fumigation is dedicated to cargo and containers control.

  • GDA Personal allows an enhanced personal detection for military purposes.

  • GDA X for explosives determination.

  • GDA Stationary, for the continuous monitoring of sensitive sites.

  • AeroTracer for tackling the location of leakages (hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils) during aircrafts maintenance.


The Instruments Division of our company is engaged in saling worldwide products for environmental control.
We support clients through our sale offices located in the major italian cities, and we provide trainings for users.