• Environmental monitoring and safety

PCA Technologies Ltd. offers innovative solutions for Environmental Monitoring and Civil / Military Security.

We employ a line of cutting edge instruments equipped with intelligent sensors (the electronic nose) for quality control (PEN3), odor monitoring (PEN3-Meteo), for a remote control network (the new OlfoSense), and for preventing risks from toxic gases, CWA and explosives (GDA

The Instruments Division of our company is engaged in saling worldwide products for environmental control.
We support clients through our sale offices located in the major italian cities, and we provide trainings for users.

  • PEN3 - Electronic Nose

      PEN3 is the essential electronic nose for food and pharmaceutical industries (quality control purposes as well as for environmental monitoring (recognition of emission sources). It is a small, fast and robust identification system for gases and gas mixtures. Gas detection is performed with an array of gas sensors. Single compounds or mixtures of gases can be...


    PEN3 - Electronic Nose
  • PEN3 Meteo

    Environmental station for odor control PEN3 Meteo is devoted to measure and control odor leakages in the area. Applications are mainly three: •recognize the origin of the odor •measure the odor intensity (OU/m3) •real time display of the odor fallout plume in the area It is provided with the PEN3 electronic nose, the...


    PEN3 Meteo
  • OlfoSense

      Among the best technologies for odor control We are proud to introduce OlfoSense® "Intelligent Multi Sensor Array", developed in cooperation with Airsense Analytics GmbH (www.airsense.com). It represents a new generation of the electronic nose completely dedicated to environmental monitoring, providing a monitoring network with multiple control units for supervising large areas where emissions are...


  • GDA

    Toxic gas analyser There are many situations in which you may experience the release of hazardous materials into the air; in these cases, population and rescue men are exposed to a serious threat.  GDA is a tool designed to deal with such emergencies: it is able to determine the presence and concentration of toxic volatile compounds...


  • EDU

    Thermal desorber EDU desorber is used to increase the sensitivity and discriminating power of analytical systems. It drastically reduces the measurement time due to the enrichment on Tenax (or other absorbent material) of the volatile compounds emitted by the sample. EDU3 is used as a support for PEN3 e-nose. It is highly recommended for determinations on low emission...


  • Ecoprobe5

    Contaminated soils Ecoprobe5 portable analyzer allows a preliminary assessment of the chemical and physical condition of soils. It detects the presence of polluting compounds, in order to make actions for land remediation. It also provides O2 concentration, barometric pressure and vacuum degree during aspiration. Ecoprobe is embedded with: PID (photo-ionization detector) for VOC detection IR Detector (infrared) with four...


  • Explonix

      Explosives and Radioactive materials Explonix portable analyzer allows a fast and reliable detection of explosives (even the non-volatile) and radioactive materials in trace. The application for airports is the most frequent, screening passengers and their baggage; it integrates easily with other devices for safety ensuring (eg. X-Ray scanners, bomb-squad robots).MiniExplonix version has a...


  • SMIT Software

    Dispersion modeling is performed by the SMIT Software (Multimodal system of spatial information). SMIT is a web platform that gathers data from the Olfosense units placed on emission sources and from the meteo station, thus creating an on-line dispersion model. The software is based on the hybrid Gaussian model ISC AERMOD (U.S. EPA) and it generates the...


    SMIT Software


  • Evaluation of smelling emissions

  • Evaluation of the discomfort caused by composting facilities, landfills, civil and industrial treatment plants, chemical and petrochemical plants

  • Checking the efficiency of air handling systems

  • Odor intensity calculation trough Olfactometry tests (UNI EN 13725:2004)

  • Setting odor monitoring networks with remote control