Archivio Pubblicazioni - 2010


Electronic nose as an innovative tool for the diagnosis of grapevine crown gall

S.Blasioli, E. Biondi, I.Braschi, U. Mazzucchi, C. Bazzi e C.E. Gessa

Università degli Studi di Bologna, Dip. di Scienze e Tecnologie Agroambientali, Viale Fanin 44 Bologna (Analytica Chimica Acta, article in press, accepted february 2010)



For the first time, a portable electronic nose was used to discriminate between healthy and galled grapevines, experimentally inoculated with two tumourigenic strains of Agrobacterium vitis. The volatile profile of target cutting samples was analysed by headspace solid phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Spectra from tumoured samples revealed the presence of styrene which is compatible with decarboxylation of cinnamic acid involved in secondary metabolism of plants. Principal Component Analysis confirmed the difference in volatile profiles of infected vines and their healthy controls. Linear Discriminant Analysis allowed the correct discrimination between healthy and galled grapevines (83.3%, cross-validation). Although a larger number of samples should be analysed to create a more robust model, our results give novel interesting clues to go further with research on the diagnostic potential of this innovative system associated with multi-dimensional chemometric techniques.