Dispersion modeling

SMIT Software

Dispersion modeling is performed by the SMIT Software (Multimodal system of spatial information). SMIT is a web platform that gathers data from the Olfosense units placed on emission sources and from the meteo station, thus creating an on-line dispersion model.

The software is based on the hybrid Gaussian model ISC AERMOD (U.S. EPA) and it generates the diffusion plume of odor and the other compounds emitted by each emission source of the plant; it is also possible to generate a 72 hours forecast of the situation.

Running parameters are:

  • Data of Odor intensity (acquired automatically from the OlfoSense on emission source)

  • Meteo data (acquired automatically from the Meteo station)

SMIT-Software is built around the specific site, therefore we need the following informations from NWC during setting and installation:

  • Meteo Data and hystorical meteo data (one year history) 

  • Horography of the area

  • Obstacles (buildings, trees,…)

  • Location of sensitive receptors

  • Plant technological data (activities, emission surfaces, emission rates).


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