Evolution of the electronic nose


Among the best technologies for odor control

We are proud to introduceOlfoSense® "Intelligent Multi Sensor Array", developed in cooperation with Airsense Analytics GmbH (www.airsense.com). It represents a new generation of the electronic nose completely dedicated to environmental monitoring, providing a monitoring network with multiple control units for supervising large areas where emissions are produced.

OlfoSense measures Odor 
(UO/m3), VOC, H2S, NH3, PM10, PM2.5, PM1. 

- MOS (Metal Oxide Sensors)
- PID (Photoionization detector)
- 2 Electrochemical cells
- OPC (Optical Particle Counter), "Light Scattering" principle.

Each module is connected to a central Server which manages the analytical parameters with meteorological data, displaying a real-time dispersion plume of pollutants in the surrounding area [SMIT (Multimodal system of spatial information)].

Limit values for odor level / concentrations can be set and users are notified whenever thresholds are exceeded.


OLFOSENSE® is a registered trade mark:
- 0001653796 (Italy - UIBM)
- 015001993 (Europe - UAMI)



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